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Guideline to Raise Capital Without Tangible Collateral

Think you have a good business idea that should be financed? You have a contract that needs funding, or have a growth and development project, let's work out the financing plan and make your dream come true. 

You can get a line of credit against the timeline for your projects. You only need to have a budget and a repayment plan presented in your initial proposal for evaluation. Once your proposal is submitted, we will review and revert in 24 hours. If we are interested in your project, we will issue you our initial application form to fill and submit, and conduct due diligence on your business from our legal department.

 If you pass the documentation checks, you're good to get funded.   But first thing first, submit your proposal for any amount you need without any upward limit. 

We shall process your application and finalize a contract within 21 days. To get started, you only need a solid plan and budget justified by your initial proposal. Work on your proposal as soon as you have a budget. Your budget should factor any amount you need to complete your projects or contracts in different phases spread across multiple periods. 

If you're looking at a budget let's say, $1m for each annual phase of your project, and to complete your project, you need to finish all 10 phases of it spanning 10 years, it means your budget would be $10,000,000 for all 10 phases. If on the other hand, each phase will cost you $2m, your budget will be $20,000,000 to cover all 10 phases in 10 years. We always encourage you to broaden the scope of your budget and extend the period covered to 10 years or more, that way, you pay a lesser processing fee and save time too. 

Nevertheless, if you can't scale your project and wish your budget should be at the barest minimum you can work with, fine and still good, we are here to help you succeed with ease, insofar as you are honest in your dealing with us. What we care the most about is improving your life, work, and business.

We make it easier for you to raise capital in the finest way that prevents loss, minimizes risk, optimises security, and maximizes gain of time and money. So, submit your proposal now following the guidelines here: print on your company's letter head, the following: 1. Name and short description of your project; how long or duration of phase of the project; total or how many phases entirely; cost or how much do you need for each phase; when will the project start and end;  what is the total value or worth (cost) of the project?

2. When will you start generating revenue after the project; how do you intend to pay back the amount borrowed; do you have a tangible asset to use as collateral? If yes, what is the name, type and value of the asset? How long do you want the loan term to be?   
3. What's the name of the company seeking this capital as borrower; its official address; its incorporation year; its legal structure and incorporation (RC) number; and address this proposal to FDAD Financials (FrotBanks) via email: Other attachments to this mail should include: scanned International Passport of Company owner or Person who signed the proposal and stamped with company's seal; attach an excel file budget or financial analysis and any business plan which clearly explains the budget and project lifecycle.

Let's Make Capital Raise Cheaper And Faster to Save You Time And Money Together

Dreams come true when there is capital to pursue them. To afford the cost of pursuing your dreams, and chasing your goals, begin with capital raise here and achieve success on your set funding goals easier and faster with us. With our capital raise support for businesses, the world indeed makes space for those on a dream chase... Terms and Conditions Apply: Duration: 3 years to 10+ years cash loan term; Interest rate: 3% annually; Success rate: 3% one off; Management Consulting 1.5%; Deal origination: $1000; Collateral Deposit (APG/PRG): less than 10% (30-50% of Collateral deposit initial, 50-70% after 5 days of fund disbursement); Cash loan processing duration: 21 days, and after payment of collateral deposit, 3-5 days you get disbursment.

Raise Capital & Chase Your Dream Now