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Automate Your Investment  and Go to Sleep.

Automatic Placement features a number of newly qualified clients' projects your invested capital could be divested with, almost any kind — easier than ever before.
We don't open direct investment channel for non-clients (i.e those who have not applied for funding already and have not already signed and submitted their Letter of Intent issued by our lender). 

The investors who will invest in such clients are only those who have sent us their expression of interest, on the basis of which we publish to them the list of our prequalified clients only. Your minimum investment is $3000 equity and your maximum investment is $30,000 equity. Your expected return is 10% ROI monthly, and all investment contracts between investors and our clients are terminated by us after 4 consecutive months of paying out 10% ROI to each successful investor.

 When a list is published, all registered investors can then bid with their capital paid into our investment banking coordinate, through which the listed client will be funded, as soon as the investment goal is reached. 

We provide investment pairing service between our investors and prequalified clients only on a first-come first-served basis. 

For an investor to be sure of pairing success, they should send EOI, and state the amount of capital they desire to invest in our prequalified clients, up to 10 multiples of $3000 only, how many clients they would prefer to be paired with to invest annually, 1-3 times only, and we shall send them our investment banking coordinate account to deposit your investment capital there, done in advance, in order to await pairing with our prequalified clients, better earlier than later. 

Investors will be notified once their funds have been transfered from our banking coordinate to the listed client, and then they can count up to 30 days to await their first ROI, to be repeated in 4 consecutive months, before your capital will be freed up from client's company and returned to investors' bank, unless you have specified interest to invest in 2 or 3 clients annually.

Kindly note that this is a new program. We only guarantee pairing with our clients when we have a qualified client, and investors that are not paired in longer than 2 months, will only be paid 5% ROI after every 2 months of their capital remaining tied up without a successful client-investor pairing. 

Moreover, for clarification, this investment programme does not mean we invest our own money in clients, but that we receive money from investors and pair up such investors with our existing clients for only 4 months after a successful pairing. 

To accept an expression of interest from potential investor, we don't discriminate any investor on ground of political affiliation, so, a political investor is welcome from any wing and region of Nigeria, however we discriminate against money invested from third party sourcing, criminal sources or laundered from public projects, all such monies, if invested without our notice, will not be returned to investors but confiscated through EFCC appropriately. 

Disclaimer: We don't solicit for investment in us, as a funding team, or from the public, neither do we offer to sell any form of securities for our clients. This is exclusively a lending platform service meant to support our low income clients who can't afford the fees for their APG/PRG only, and investment from any individual should only be made with personal funds, not borrowed funds.

New Startups to invest in

 With the opportunity available for you to invest for shortest term high gains ( *$3000 or $30,000 capital investment for $300 or $3000 monthly ROI for 4 months* ), we expect you to disclose, express and register your interest as soon as possible, so the open deal can be structured to accommodate your interest in time, before it closes again.

Personal Portfolios

Kindly take advantage of this week's investment opportunity now before it closes. Otherwise, talk with us about your credit need (to *process our international cash loan facilities of $1m to $50b at the lowest interest rates and transmission charges in the capital raise industry* ) and we will take your LOI into consideration immediately.

Online Investors relations hub

We are creating new Joint Venture Projects we intend to use as our developed and managed business asset for financing each individual project integrated with this Special Purpose Investment Asset. You invest in this JV-SPV Asset on this investors relations hub.

We Assemble projects we love a lot into one JV-SPV Asset for you to invest in many projects at once, it's a typical real world replica of trading indices in the financial market

This is necessary because we realized we could help fund small projects by integrating them in a JV SPV; which we create and is represented by the oldest and most active company among the integrated projects. 
Thus, instead of discrediting small projects, we create a collaboration between many small projects, by requesting project descriptions from small businesses, then sum up all the related projects by their funding requirements to hit a target $10m, as minimum JV SPV Asset's worth.

Then we tie all such similar projects together, to form one JV SPV Asset for investors like you to profit from. Hence, in order to commence the funding contract for all the projects in this JV-SPV Asset, where one team will represent the entire projects, you're required to invest in advance, to enhance the funding of this JV-SPV Asset. Invest in this JV-SPV Asset here in one click.