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FP2MMM Café is just the beginning…

Want to learn more about FP2MMM Funding, how the fund you invest into your fundraiser is secured for you, how it is invested, and how you get paid steady income for raising funds with FP2MMM Funding? It begins with FP2MMM Café.

FP2MMM Café is the World's #1 Automated Money Making Luxurious Casino localizing FrotBanks Digital Assets Development (FDAD) Hub launched to host tools, information and communication technologies, equipments and accommodating facilities, provided for street residents to Play and Learn to Trade, Invest and Compete, everyday, and raise funds to finance their periodic business budgets and daily personal projects. 

They do all these without leaving the comfort of their street, and to no longer borrow, become debtors, and loss the fortune of having a luxury of assets sacrificed on the counters of bet shops, as liabilities swallowed up by the odds of gambling in a virtual casino or taken over by debt recovery agents of loan mongers.

15-35% returns on investment monthly

Invest Now, Upgrade Fast and Earn Big in FSIL Payroll (FP), to Make More Money with Mega Money Machine (MMM) café. Subscriber now to Get Started.

While others choose to invest long-term in real estate development of residential and commercial properties, and have to wait even longer than one year for acquiring new property occupants, before realizing their dream of earning their first return on investment, and wait more years before they get to break even, FP2MMM Funding does something different. It uses ploughs investments in fundraisers into investing in its own FP2MMM Café. 

Investing in FP2MMM Café is the fastest way to earn steady income for life, enjoy rapid liquidity and make profit from lucrative entertainment assets, to start generating high short-term returns on investment from the first month, with 100% money back guarantee plus zero loss for account cancellation after investing. 

FP2MMM Café is an investment hub for people to invest and get 15-35% returns on investment monthly.
While preference shares investors invest in its development on our public pledge platform, for a onetime annual payoff of 25% interest on their principal, FP2MMM Café investors actually invest steady monthly recurrent funds for short-term high return on investment and upgrade for higher levels of investment and returns every month. 

Get to know us better… 
FP2MMM Café investors can start and upgrade from any of these investment levels:

Level 1

A. $100 - $1000 for 15% profit + 100% principal = 115% total ROI in only 1 month.

Level 2

$2k - $10k for total of 120% ROI

Level 3

$11k - $100k for 125% total ROI

Level 4

$101k - $500k for 130% total ROI

Level 5

$501k to $1m+ for 135% total ROI


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