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FP2MMM Funding... Fundraising done the most natural way of owning the funds raised and owing no debts or repaying no one.

FP2MMM Funding

Your Fundraiser Without Owing Debts

Our diverse portfolio of fundraising levels allows you the freedom to choose the amount you wish to invest into your fundraiser in order to raise funds in monthly income, as a percentage of your investment.

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FP2MMM Funding: Invest in your fundraiser!  
Your Fundraiser done the most natural way

You only record profit from raising funds the most natural way with FP2MMM Funding, where you invest in your own fundraiser and claim the right to keep the funds raised without paying back debts or interest...

Invest in your own fundraiser

You don't wait for anyone to join hands with you to raise your own funds, FP2MMM Funding is the only collaboration you need to have, everything gets done for you afterwards.

Leverage multiple fundraiser levels 

Every level has its own limit of funds you can raise on it, and you determine if any level is right for you, otherwise you move to the higher level that meets your goals.

Upgrade from one level to another

It is not a "one cap fits all" approach to raising funds. You are not bound to stay on one level, if you have the means of raising higher funds in a fundraiser level you can invest in.

raise more funds over and over again

You need more funds, you are not limited to a given amount in a given time, you can continue to raise more funds without investing more funds in your fundraiser.

“I was blown away by the simplicity and sheer ease of raising funds at multiple levels from month-to-month, sweet!”
— Conleth Johnson C.
Personal project Developer

Invest In Your Fundraiser to Start Fundraising

Both funds raised and fund invested belong to you, so you don't record any loss or lose any asset, collateral or funds with FP2MMM.

Fundraiser Levels to Invest In


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