Unlimited Income

Enjoy the longest and strongest chain of income from simple affiliate marketing at the front end of the CPA Network, as well as at the Back-end of the P2P Lending Network, an income that is both straing commission and profit from investment on the lending platform, through lending as a service activities on MyP2PLAB Network..

Unlimited Users

Unlike most enterprise lending platforms, MyP2PLAB Network allows for an unlimited number of Users so you can grow your marketing business without losing your commissions on the one hand. On the other hand, you can invest in your network without losing the profit that comes through lending as a service on the platform.

Unlimited Usage

Continue to profit from your membership on both CPA Bank and MyP2PLAB Networks, without worrying about what you could do to earn extra income outside the networks. Both networks will continue to pay you as you continue to use them actively for the rest of your life. So it's time to make money all your life on the platform.



MyP2PLAB network stands for "My Peer to Peer Lending Affiliate Business Network. "

The 3C's of a Successful MyP2PLAB Network:

1. Character: Build your business as fast as possible.

2. Capital: Invest in your business to make profit.

3. Capacity: Expand your business to earn more from people.


Hassle-free P2P Lending Platform

Applying the 3 C's of Success on MyP2PLAB.net

Applying the 3 C's on MyP2PLAB.net


1. To build your business, start with your registration on MyP2PLAB.net and give your business a unique name as your one-word username. Choose a secure password for your login into your back office. Login and retrieve your business registration number as your unique tracking link. That means set up is complete, but you need to activate your account by paying for your business license, as a permit to use your tracking link to start growing your business by attracting new users (other business owners) such as affiliate marketers like you.


To activate your account, pay the license fee of $50 only. Once your account is active, you can start making money from your newly approved business, by showing your tracking link to other affiliates. Your business will be launched fully when your business has generated a revenue benchmark of $300. 

Your business generates a minimum revenue of $20 each time a new affiliate activates their account after registering their new business on MyP2PLAB network linked to your own registered ID (Through your shared tracking link). 


Once you have reached your revenue benchmark, your business is fully launched at this stage. It means you're now qualified to advance your business to the next stage, from startup to growth stage. 


The startup stage was about forming the character of a business owner. You had to register your business, pay for licensing, and acquire your first 15 customers to generate a revenue benchmark of $300. You're now a qualified business startup founder as a MyP2PLAB weekly income earner.


You won't remain at this level of earning a meager revenue of $20 per customer. You will start investing capital in your business by participating in the P2P lending program, where your customers will become a source of more revenue for you. So take the leap to the 2nd C stage of MyP2PLAB network now where you will realize your potential of generation an average revenue of $2000-$12000 per week by participating as an investor In the P2P lending program only on MyP2PLAB.net



2. Capital stage: You now have a revenue of $300. Withdraw $200 as your profit, and invest $100 back into your business to make higher profit. You don't need to invest it in advertising your tracking link to generate more customers. At this stage, you are required to invest your $100 capital from your $300 revenue benchmark. 


You're investing in the P2P lending program on MyP2PLAB network, so, you only have to invest it as a lender. A borrower will be introduced to you by MYP2PLAB network, to whose wallet you will pay in the $100 as a capital you're investing by lending to another business owner on MyP2PLAB network.


After you invest in this way, you will start making profit, as your business will be open to receive investment from other investors chosen from your customers based on the fastest customers making progress in launching their own businesses like yours, by generating their own revenue benchmark of $300 on the MyP2PLAB network too.


You will expect the following levels of revenue benchmark to calculate your profit from the P2P lending program on MyP2PLAB network.


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

1.••••••• $100 ••••••• √$600 ••• √$500


When you have hit your level 1 revenue benchmark of $600 in approximately 1 week, you have completed this level of investment. To calculate your profit, subtract your capital of $100 from your revenue of $600, and you see you have made a profit of $500 in one week. 


You can now continue to invest in this P2P lending program on MyP2PLAB network to earn higher profit by investing higher capital, as require at each higher level. The higher the level of your capital, the higher the level of your revenue benchmark and calculated profit. You will be guided as before on where to invest, as a lender in the P2P lending program, and it could be to the same wallet you paid in your capital before or to the platform's wallet as the case may be. Before you withdraw your profit, always save your capital in your wallet, to be reinvested for higher profit on the MyP2PLAB network. See the different levels of investments to make for higher profit here:


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

1.••••••• $100 ••••••• √$600 ••• √$500


Withdraw only $400 from your revenue of $600 to lock in part of your profit of $300 + your $100 initial capital. Then reinvest $200 for the next higher level of revenue and profit.


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

2 •••••• $200 ••••• √$1200 ••• √$1000


Withdraw only $900 from your revenue of $1200 to lock in part of your profit: $700 + retrieve 100% of your $200 initial capital. Then reinvest $300 for the next higher level of revenue and profit.


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

3 •••••• $300 ••••• √$1800 ••• √$1500


Withdraw only $1400 from your revenue of $1800 to lock in part of your profit: $1100 + retrieve 100% of your $300 initial capital. Then reinvest $400 for the next higher level of revenue and profit.


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

4 •••••• $400 ••••• √$2400 ••• √$2000


Withdraw only $1900 from your revenue of $2400 to lock in part of your profit: $1500 + retrieve 100% of your $400 initial capital. Then reinvest $500 for the next higher level of revenue and profit.


At this level, you have started earning over $2000 per week, and your goal is to keep investing until you start earning $12,000 per week. Thus, from level 5 and above all your weekly profit withdrawn from this MyP2PLAB network will be above $2000. And you achieve this in one month, by growing your business to higher levels of revenue in each week.


The profit you withdraw from your revenue are profit before tax, so, you should withdraw them into your business account outside the platform's wallet, so you keep track of your financial progress. The MyP2PLAB network does not deduct any Value added tax (VAT) from your wallet's balance during withdrawal, so endeavor to pay your tax, after withdrawing a percentage of your profit and leaving only the capital to reinvest in the next higher level in your wallet.


You start earning over $2000 in weekly profit just under one month of investing in your business. This is the same business you started registered and got licensed on MyP2PLAB network, spending only $50 out of pocket initial license fee. Thus, MyP2PLAB network is the only business you need to commit only $50 out of pocket expenses for your on-platform license to start earning over $2000-$12,000 weekly profit under one month of investing in your business. There is no limit to benefiting from this stage of your business launched on MyP2PLAB network. While you keep enjoying the benefits at this stage of your business, you're free to expand your business by going to the next stage of success on MyP2PLAB network.


Ideally, you should start expanding your growing business on the MyP2PLAB network after one month, when you have already hit your second $3000 weekly withdrawn profit at level 6B, before returning to level 1, and repeat the cycle for six consecutive times, after which you will move up to the next 6 progressively higher grades of each level from 1 to 6b repeated six times in each level's grade before grading up again and again, until you start earning $12,000 weekly. 


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

5 •••••• $500 ••••• √$3000 ••• √$2500


Withdraw only $2400 from your revenue of $3000 to lock in part of your profit: $1900 + retrieve 100% of your $500 initial capital. Then reinvest $600 for the next higher level of revenue and profit.


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

6 •••••• $600 ••••• √$3600 ••• √$3000


Withdraw only $3000 from your revenue of $3600 to lock in part of your profit: $2200 + retrieve 100% of your $600 initial capital. Then reinvest $800 for the repeat grade 1 sixth level of revenue and profit on MyP2PLAB network.


Levels, Investment, Revenue, Profit

6b •••• $600 •••• √$00.00 ••• √$00.00


Withdraw only $00.00 from your wallet's balance of $200 to prepare to invest your capital: $200 by utilizing 100% of your $200 wallet's balance as capital. Then invest $200 for the repeat grade 1 first level of revenue and profit to repeat the investment cycle of the P2P lending program on MyP2PLAB network, for six consecutive times, before grading upward.


It is at this stage that you have perfected the investment process by making your capital work for you. Now, you're set to assert your capacity for growth at the next stage of your success on MyP2PLAB network.


3. Capacity stage: This stage is for the love of your business. You initially started your business as an affiliate, now that you have also become an investor, you don't have to abandon your business as an affiliate. It is time for the platform to give back to you, as you expand your business on the platform. 


Initially you earned a revenue of $20 for new businesses that get activated by new affiliates who register through your tracking link, now, you will be earning $40 for new affiliates you refer to the platform who also launch their business like yours. By expanding your business in this way, you're benefiting from the platform earning you higher income in revenue on autopilot. 


Since you now have enough funds in your bank account, you can spend more in advertising your business through your tracking link, so you keep enjoying the $40 revenue on autopilot each time a new business registered through your tracking link is activated for a new affiliate who proceeds to launch their business too. You're helping other affiliates to benefit from the network too, because they get to know about the network through your adverts placed to expand your business and assert your capacity for business stability and sustainability, while you're still earning weekly profits from your capital investment in the P2P lending program on MyP2PLAB network.


This is what MyP2PLAB network can do for you and your business as an affiliate marketer. It's the ultimate earning affiliate network.


CPA Network

CPA Bank provides a complete affiliate marketing platform to enable you start, register, license, launch, and take your affiliate marketing business to higher profiteering levels.

Lending Network

MyP2PLAB also offers Peer to Peer Lending Solutions and support services so we have your back when you need funds for taking care of any size of project or large budget.


Financial Growth & Security

CPA Bank is designed around financial growth from the ground up, so not only are your marketing helping you grow your network of leads for business, but your financial growth is guaranteed too.


And if you need Financial reliable and security, MyP2PLAB is the surest platform, we have developed our own modular income-levels that optimizes how much you can earn per week and year, so there is no barrier to earning incremental income.

How To Benefit From The Pre-Sale: Investing in CPA Bank & MYP2PLAB

Collect Your Share of the Surplus Amount of Fruits to be Harvested this Year from This 10-Branch Tree Worth $50,000 in Pre-money Value.

The tree has ten branches currently, and for fairness, I will assign one whole branch to you, so you alone have exclusive right to eat of the fruits thereof. 

As it is still in the nursery  the tree is valued at $50,000 because it has 10 branches each worth $5000 only. 

Now, to give you access to the branch that will become yours for the life of the tree, I will sell this branch to you. 

All the branches are equal in their fruits bearing capacity, and will equally start bearing fruits at the same time after transplanting. 

You will help me in transplanting it by purchasing one of its branches, ahead of the transplanting, you're free to purchase all the branches if you can purchase them.

This tree is now being auctioned on pre-sale pricing of $5000 per branch. It's a means of financing its successful transplanting, and is done to allot portions of its fruits pre-sold, as futures, to you, to own its branches and fruits thereof before the harvest. 

What this means is that, apart from me the owner of this tree, you' will become the only person authorized to share the fruits of the tree with me, during every harvest, not only for one season of harvest, but for the rest of this ten-branch tree's life. 

I will only receive taxes from harvesting the fruits of the tree, while you become title holder of all the branches purchased during this pre-sale, prior to harvesting the fruits. 

The total value of purchasing all the branches is $50,000.

  • Now, let me solve the puzzle for you.
  • 1. What is this tree?
  • 2. What is its nursery
  • 3. What is its transplanting
  • 4. What are its branches
  • 5. What are its fruits?
  • 6. What is its harvest?

The Tree:

This is the new affiliate marketing CPA network called MyP2PLAB Network. It's a network unlike others, where there is only one merchant, one offer, and many affiliates. 

The merchant is Frotbanks LLC, the institutional owner of the first P2P program built exclusively for affiliates, who will market the network to fellow affiliates, and earn their highest and best, steady income; by lending and accepting same from peers on the platform's innovative P2P lending program. 

The offer is the "affiliate marketing business registration and licensing" purchased at the rate of $50 by new affiliates joining the network.

Licensed affiliates earn two stages of commission from this network: 

Stage 1 Commission: $20 from new affiliate marketing business registration and license purchase, by other affiliates tracked to their affiliate link.

Stage 2 Commission: $40 for each new license purchase, after two months of successfully launching and investing in their affiliate marketing business on the network. 

Same affiliates earn two types of income on the network: 

  • 1, straight commissions, 
  • 2, lending profits paid out weekly. 

The affiliates are marketers who register on the network from any part of the world, in order to set up their own affiliate marketing business and get it licensed on the network, unlike on any other CPA network. This is the tree.


The Nursery:

This is the mastermind that designed the business model of this CPA network. That mind is mine, as the founder of the network. 

It is a nursery I have cultivated this idea on, alone, for 4 years. Now the business model has been proven viable and is ready to be executed by transplanting this tree; through the product development and launching of the CPA network.

The Transplanting:

This is the process of turning this idea and business model into a real, viable product and sustainable platform ready to be launched and marketed to its target customers. 

The ideal customers are internet marketers, who, as affiliates of this network, are to be branched as, or under the first 10 marketers to register on the platform.

These marketers are the affiliates marketing the network to other affiliates. The 10 earliest adopters will become the springboard of the growth of this network, hence realize the network's symbolic business model, as a tree with 10 branches ready to start bearing fruits.

The Branches:

These are the pioneer and founding users of the network once it is launched. They will be responsible for the growth of the network as they market it to other marketers who will help keep the network growing and bearing fruits globally.


The Fruits:

These are all the innumerable marketers who will use this network to launch and get their own affiliate marketing businesses licensed after the transplanting, through the initial marketing efforts of the first 10 marketers to register on the network. 

These fruits will be spread across all the productive branches, until the platform achieves a global scale of attracting and rewarding registered affiliate marketers, from all parts of the world. 

Then the fruits will be ready for harvesting; by those who have bought ownership of the branches, by purchasing each branch for $5000; prior to the platform's product development and launching, through a pre-sale purchase order. 

You are going to be one of them, and so, you will reap the fruits of the harvest, exclusively.

The Harvest:

This is the amount of incremental annual ROIs earned from the revenue generated from the lending program, on the network. 

The goal of the network is to have all its marketers key into its lending program. This P2P lending program is exclusive to only affiliates whose licensed businesses have been successfully launched on the network, after the first of their three stages of success on the network. 

As an incentive, the harvest also includes the leads tied to each of the 10 pioneer marketers, who promoted the platform until the network, as a tree, started bearing fruits, on them as its branches.


Revenue and Financial Forecast:

For each branch you purchase, you earn a minimum of $100 weekly for the life of the CPA network. It's a nonstop weekly income harvested from the branches, as they keep bearing fruits in seasons of bimonthly productivity. 

Since this is a steady income earned weekly, you will minimally achieve your break even point in less than a year's time, being at most in 50 out of 52 weeks of steady weekly income in each year. 

That's projected only on a minimalist scale, or say, it's your worst case income per annum scenario, assuming things don't move as fast as expected or don't go as well as planned. 

Moreover, from your initial investment, in purchasing the  branch, costing you $5000 only, you can expect the minimum weekly income of $100. If multiplied by 52 weeks, that make up a full calendar year of 12 months, you would have earned over the amount of capital of $5000 you invested, by the first year's end.

But, again, note that $100 is, in fact, the minimum weekly income you will earn. By implication, your minimum annual income will, in fact, be $12,600, all things being equal. 

How you will earn this five figure income will be demonstrated later. It's not a mere projection, it's the exact annual minimum income you will earn, not in 52 weeks, but from 42 weeks of steady weekly income. 


Read down to see the explanations presented towards the end of this page.

The payment will be made to your wallet created on the network. It will be generated from the lending program, as one of the 10 pioneer affiliates of this network will be matched to make their weekly commitment, as a lender in the lending program, paid into your wallet on the network. 

Note again this clarification: Their individual commitments will be made in the form of a predetermined amount to be paid to you. It is a direct payment to your own wallet as the owner of the branch they fall under this tree' through their pioneer membership in the network.

A complete breakdown of the higher amounts you will earn in steady weekly income will be presented in a moment. But before then,


  • 1. You invest only once to purchase 1 of 10 branches, each valued at $5000 only.
  • 2. You do nothing else after purchasing a branch, that will pay you weekly income for the life of this network, once its first 10 marketers have successfully launched their own affiliate marketing businesses, and get them licensed; to become active businesses registered on the network.
  • 3. You earn a steady weekly income of $100 minimum for the life of the CPA network.
  • 4. You break even in less than one year, after your first payment from the lending program's revenue of the network, thus recovering your initial investment in only one year.
  • 5. You keep earning weekly income for the rest of your life, as long as the network remains active, after breaking even in your first year.
  • 6. As a product owner, you have access to a steadily growing global network of marketers, as leads acquired through the branch you purchased. Hence you get a bonus incentive you can leverage, as exclusive access to a unique database of quality quantity of qualified leads.
  • This database will be comprised of a list of tested and proven successful affiliate marketers, from globally diverse geopolitical regions, who you could re-target. They could be employed to sell your other digital products for you, anytime.
  • 7. Discover the higher amounts of revenue you will generate on the network, as returns on your initial investment, earned through steady weekly income on the network...
  • 8. You're handpicked for this branch ownership; because of your success in affiliate product development and marketing, where your profile will add to the credibility of the platform; when you endorse it.
  • And one of your special products will be added to the bonus incentives given to marketers, who register on the network; as a special package, added to their affiliate marketing business registration and licensing kit: to enrich the marketers' business with valuable resources. These are your products which they couldn't get for free outside this network.
  • 9. The contribution of your own special product, given away as free gift, inside the affiliate marketing business registration and licensing kit, will add authority to the network, backed by your endorsement.
  • Whereas your profile as a marketing success icon and mentor, added to the management team, will boost the reputation of the brand; and will attract the best marketers, who know you and your products, to quickly join the network.
  • 10. The influence you have in marketing business will be the magnet for attracting the first 10 marketers to register on the network, while the free stuffs offered will be the glue to keep them and raise their trust on the platform's credibility.
  • Thus, your support will encourage them to market the platform to other marketers, who will be drawn, not only by the platform's rewards, but by the free stuffs offered; for helping them build their affiliate marketing businesses on the platform.
  • 11. Your presence on the platform will help the network to give rich contents to its affiliates, from contents contributed by you, in the training programs to be included in the resources; for affiliates to access, as well as blog contents; for the SEO championship of the network.
  • 12. Without you on this platform, it cannot succeed to compete better, amidst other CPA networks that have dominated the affiliating marketing space for decades. 

So, this is a concerted effort to do something significantly beneficial to the affiliate marketing business community, globally. We can only succeed by coming together to make this work. 

It's also your way of giving back to the global marketing community, by enriching the life and businesses of marketers, on the network, with your presence, special gifts, free training programs, and career development contents, added to the weekly newsletters and blog posts; all for the benefits packed to enhance affiliate marketing business, globally.


We want affiliates to join the network, not merely for the offer and its financial benefits, but because of the active mentoring and free training resources they will access; on the network built with the collaboration of 10 of the world's best marketers, consisting of you and 9 other mentors, who will invest in the 10-branch tree, from all around the globe.

We want marketers to seek the network out, as their #1 most preferred hub of getting fresh and industry tailored contents, curated from the original works of intellectual properties created and owned by 10 of the world's best and most distinguished coaches and mentors in the affiliate marketing business space. 

That's why we need you here, not just your money to be invested in one of our tree's branches purchase and its title ownership, but your influence, inspiration, mentoring and continued support, will mean more to us.

Be our Pillar of Support to back our Success, and remain acknowledged, for your generosity, throughout the life of this legacy project.

Before writing this piece, I did my research, and came up with a list of 500 coaches and mentors, who have been successful in the industry; by building their own products for the global business community. 

I took each icon and pulled my list of them apart, isolating one icon from the other, to carry out a comparative profile assessment. 

To cut the long story short, I took out 499 other icons before I arrived at each of the investors I initially invited with the 9 others for whom this opportunity was specially reserved. Perhaps you were one of those specifically selected, if you received a personal email before accessing this page, that means you're purposefully handpicked for this branch ownership distribution.

Now, many were taken out, as many were listed but only a few (2%) will be chosen, and you're one of the few, if you act fast, among the top 2% of successful mentors to be accepted on the CPA Bank and MyP2PLAB Networks.

Note that it doesn't matter whether you landed on this page on your own or you received an email that sent you here, what matters is that you invest quickly and get accepted before all available slots are sold out, because, at last, only the first 10 investors will be accepted, whether privately invited to be here, or you found your way here, miraculously. So act fast.


The opportunity of choosing you among the 10 fastest investors to join our leadership board of mentors is what makes you a winner and a champion to inspire the success of other users. Indeed, it's your personality and profile that makes you shine. Keep the light lit by being a backbone behind the success of this legacy project.

 Thanks in anticipation of your endorsement here.


A Breakdown of Your Lifelong Weekly Income Expectations, as earlier promised:

  • Weeks....... Income......
  • 1                   $100
  • 2                   $200
  • 3                  $300
  • 4                   $400
  • 5                   $500
  • 6                   $600

Total income after 6 weeks: $2100

This will repeat in same order for the next 36 weeks: 

By the end of 42 weeks, you would have earned 6 times of $2100.

Thus, your total earned revenue after 42 weeks will be $12,600

That shows, you're not earning only $100 through 52 weeks, which would have earned you only a total of $5200 by the end of the year, but you earn over 257% Return on investment in only 42 weeks. 

Now, by the remaining 10 weeks before the year ends, you're going to earn even higher weekly income than before. See the new earning plan for your weekly income in another 42 weeks.

  • Weeks....... Income......
  • 1                   $200
  • 2                   $400
  • 3                  $600
  • 4                   $800
  • 5                   $1000
  • 6                   $1200

 Total income after 6 weeks: $4200

This will repeat in same order for the next 36 weeks: 

By the end of 42 weeks, you would have earned 6 times of $4200.

Thus, your total earned revenue after 42 weeks will be $25,200

This is what happens to your income. It does not remain the same after every 42 weeks cycle. You have made an extra 500% ROI in the second year. Yet, you don't invest again. 

Only your initial $5000 purchase of the branch, which you will not worrying about a onetime payment for today, will give you this superior earning power. It's an investment for life. It pays better than every other single investment.

Remember, we need you in this network not just because you will make good money from the surplus Fruits to be harvested from the 10-branch tree, but because of the legacy the network will accomplish through you.

By the third to the 4th year, your generated revenue will be even higher: $50,400 that's an extra 1010% ROI on your initial $5000 investment. Mind you, we have shorter year end on the network. 

Our year ends in 42 weeks, and a new year starts off in every 43rd week. So with a 10-week shorter year on our network, your share of the amount of the surplus fruits, harvested on our 10-branch tree, will eventually pay off: to take care of all your annual bills, over 6 years time.  

Below is a breakdown of your annual income, calculated in 10-week shorter year cycle.

  • Year                Income........ Duration
  • 1.                    $12,600.       42 weeks
  • 2.                    $25,200.       42 weeks
  • 3.                   $37,800.       42 weeks
  • 4.                    $50,400.       42 weeks
  • 5.                    $63,000.       42 weeks
  • 6.                    $75,600.       42 weeks

Now in 6 years, your total revenue generated will be $264,600.

This is what you will keep earning, every 6 Years. 

Look at it, an investment of $5000 only, earns you $264,600 every 6 years. And the best part is that this income is earned in weekly fractions, and will be earned throughout the infinite life cycles of harvesting the surplus fruits, grown on this 10-branch tree.

So, do take this offer seriously. You were selected for it; because of your  profile, personal success and influential personality. 

To purchase your branch, do click the button "CHECK US OUT" to register a user account first, and send a mail detailing your CV and links to your online profiles for us to review here: invest@frotbanks.com. 

And then, after receiving your CV and reviewing your profile links in the email you will send us, an agreement to enter into the partnership will be mailed to you.

The agreement is meant to be signed and returned, then you will be required to make your payments through perks. Instead of being requested to pay for a branch, you will proceed to invest in our PPP project, see details here, or click the Button Below this page for investment. 

Then we shall differentiate your investment from the other investors, by referencing your CV as submitted via email to: invest@frotbanks.com.

SO, when submitting your CV to us, after registering a USER account, endeavor to state in the subject line of the email the number of branches you wish to invest in, then proceed to invest through our PPP project, see details here 

Once your investment is differentiated, we will keep you updated and on track concerning our platform's development and progress through the email address you sent us your CV as EOI.

THIS EMAIL WILL BE USED FOR all transactions involving the transplanting of this tree as explained above. 

The invoices for each required service will be paid, with notes to this email. When we will make the payment for each service invoice, until the due amount is fully paid by us, we will update you as your money invested is used to finance all our payments for services towards the launching of our CPA Bank and MyP2PLAB Networks.

After all is accomplished, the entire investors in the 10 branches sold to you, will be notified of the progress and launching of the project, the first seed capital of the project is your investment as our pre-money valuation for the transplanting of this ten-branch tree.

Kindly take the step to set up your account and invest now.



Build a sub-domain for:

1. CPA Bank, where affiliates will signup to promote the offer.

2. MyP2PLAB Network: the offer by Frotbanks LLC, which all affiliates on the network will sign up to promote.

Hence, there are two sub-domains here. One is the CPA network itself, to be uniquely known as CPA Bank, like Click Bank. The other is the first offer to promote on the network. It is to be uniquely known as MyP2PLAB Network.

Both subdomains will be affiliated to the principal FrotBanks domain, as the following URLs show:

1. https://cpabank.frotbanks.com

2. https://myp2plab.frotbanks.com

Both products will be built together. They will serve relative purposes. The Both are networks, right, but two different types relying on each other.

In the first instance, myp2plab network can be promoted on any other CPA network, because it is a product entirely independent of the CPA Bank network.

It meets on CPA bank, to be the first product launch on CPA network. It can also be launched on alt networks where affiliates could also earn from CPA BANK and MyP2PLAB both as affiliates and AS LENDERS. 

SO, their parts cross mainly where the CPA network is the first place for accessing The lending platform.




After 4 years of watching his tree remain stunted, Francis realized that he needed help, and that will help him eat the fruits of his tree with the team of his helpers. I am proud of being one of this amazing team of helpers.

Ginny Lin


The tree is symbolic, and the branches are symbolic too. I am happy to be one of the few persona who have been given this incredible access to its fruits. That is why I have decided to give my support to this team and stick with it. 

Patrick Peterson


The first time this idea was pitched to me, I knew it was a wonderful one that I quickly decided to help in transplanting this tree from the nursery to a parcel of land to be acquired through the team's help, then in return, I will eat of its fruits.

Jordan Varro
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