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Tenancy Cards

This is where you order your tenancy card from CheckinR in order to qualify for CheckinR's advance rent payment bonuses.

To order your tenancy card, you only need to select one card order amount at a time.

The card's order amount is the amount you agree to pay once to get a tenancy card mailed to your provided residence details.

It works in a very easy to use manner.

First, you decide how much rent you wish to pay in advance with your tenancy card,

Secondly, you select the amount for your tenancy card, which if paid 12 times will be slightly above the exact amount you need for paying your rent.

Thirdly, you present the email address you wish to purchase the card with and get notifications sent to.

Fourthly, you present the email address you wish to send the order to: we recommend you send it to:

Fifthly, copy, paste and answer the following 14 questions in the message for your card's order containing: the following:

1. Your full name

2. Your current residential address

3. The name of your leasing company or land lord who receives your rent payments when due

4. The phone number to contact the leasing company or land lord who receives your rent payment when due

5. The total amount of card you have already bought from CheckinR

6. The amount of card you are currently buying from CheckinR

7. The due date for your next rent's payment

8. Do you plan to relocate to a new apartment or you plan to renew your rent at your current apartment

 9. Where would you prefer as location for your new apartment when planning a relocation?

10. What's the size of your current apartment?

11. What's the size of your next apartment when planning a relocation?

12. How many times have you ought a tenancy card from CheckinR before now

13. How much do you pay for your rent at your current apartment?

14. How much do you wish to pay for your rent at your next apartment when planning a relocation?

Lastly, complete your tenancy card order by paying for this order, after providing the above information in your card order message.

Your order will be processed, and your card will be mailed to your current location via the email contact your provided and the residence details you provided in your message above.

Your leasing company or landlord will be notified by CheckinR to request rent payment from CheckinR when due, if you have indicated in your message that you will renew your rent at your current apartment, and if you have bought up to 12 tenancy cards that exceed the amount you pay for your current apartment.

Thus, to get your tenancy card updated, buy more cards, as often as possible, until you complete the amount required for renewing your rent at your current apartment or for acquiring a new property when relocating to a different location.

If you have decided on what you want, either to relocate or to renew your rent, start buying as many tenancy cards as possible, until you have bought a total of 12 cards, before the due time for renewing your rent or relocating to a new apartment in a new location.

You will qualify for certain benefits if you buy 12 cards that equal the amount for your rent's renewal or amount for your relocation to a new apartment, before the due date you have specified.

See details of bonuses you seek as follows.

  • Complete order of a total of 12 tenancy cards, that equal the needed amount for your next rent payment or relocation to a new apartment, within the following timeline of advance rent payments for specific bonuses as stated below:
  • a. 6 months or earlier before the due date and qualify for 100% rent bonus
  • b. 5 months before due date and qualify for 80% rent bonus
  • c. 4 months before due date and qualify for 60% rent bonus
  • d. 3 months before due date and qualify for 40% rent bonus
  • e. 2 months before due date and qualify for 20% rent bonus
  • f. 1 month before due date and qualify for 10% rent bonus.
$10.00 - $1,000.00

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About Our Tenancy Cards

Order a personalized Tenancy Card with your own message via email, from anywhere in the world, and send your order to By doing so, you could get rent bonus from your tenancy cards, if you buy up to 12 tenancy cards that equal the amount for your rent's renewal or payment for a new apartment when relocating; where the total of 12 tenancy cards are purchased between 1 to 6 months before the due date for your rent's renewal or relocation!

Your tenancy card will be Sent instantly or select any future delivery date, and the Tenancy Card will arrive in your email inbox at 12pm on that special day!

For your card's order message: provide the answers to the 14 questions copied above, by pasting the copied questions in the message section on your checkout form, after specifying the details of the tenancy card's amount you wish to purchase now above.

For easy checkout experience, buy only one unit of card now, pay for it, then come back and buy another one unit of it, each time until you have bought complete 12 units of tenancy cards. Even if you can buy more than one unit of the specified amount, make your buying experience easier by buying only one unit of it each given time.

Where your rent is higher than $1200 per annum, you can buy 2 or more units of $100 tenancy cards at once. Buy only the number of units for each amount of card you can pay for at once. Buy more cards after each unit has been bought, to make your checkout experience easier.

Finally, when purchasing tenancy cards, you don't need to fear or worry about not having cash to pay for purchase immediately. CheckinR does not bill customers immediaty. So, provide your card details and complete your purchase. Your receipt will be sent to you after purchase, and you can save it, but you won't make any payments yet. A member of our sales team will then review your purchase order later and mail you an invoice through which you can make payment. An invoice can be paid anytime you have the money to make payment by clicking on the pay now button in the invoice. Invoices have enough validity lifespan to allow you time to pay for them when you have the money. So, there is nothing to worry about when shopping on CheckinR Marketplace, as you can shop now and pay later even 2 weeks after receiving an invoice.

To avoid the stress of going over the purchase process again, an account will be automatically created for you after your first completed purchase, even if you haven't made payment yet. So, you can always go to your account section on CheckinR site, and view your transaction history, then click to reorder any of the item you have in your transaction history's list of completed purchase from CheckinR Marketplace. Go now to make your tenancy cards purchace by specifying the amount and unit of tenancy cards you can afford now, above.

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