Property Acquisition

CheckinR partners with other REIT firms to ensure that properties for lease are genuine properties. You can trust that properties you purchase through CheckinR's property acquisition service are genuine properties. No need to go about moving from place to place or browsing different sites looking for properties to buy. If you specify the type and size of property you desire to own, we would present you different locations and prices to select your preferred options.


Once you have made a selection of your choice location and price you can afford, we will go ahead to speak with the property owner in your behalf, and verify the properties actually exist with all documentations available for immediate transfer to acquirer. After all due diligence conducted and concluded, we shall then invite you to visit the property, get familiar with the location, and make payments only to the verified property owner. By so doing we save you time for conducting due diligence, everything gets done for you. All you do is choose what you want and pay for it after confirming it to be really what you want. The properties you can acquire with this service are landed properties and buildings.


Property Construction

With CheckinR's property construction service, you can get a quick solution for developing landed properties you have acquired prior to using CheckinR's Property Acquisition service or after using this service. You can discuss the type of property you desire to construct, wither residential property or commercial property.


We begin from presenting you the plan options possible. After your approval, we design three unique plans for you. You choose the plan best appeals to your taste. We register your plan for you, and commence construction works, using our ad hoc team of construction talents. We present you reports of construction work as we progress in phases, until the work is concluded.


We hand you your keys after all phases of work completed have been paid for. That way, you don't have to take the pain of looking for a team of architects, engineers, brick layers, labour, carpenters, electricians, and sourcing for building materials. We do all the hard work for you, and ensure you get what you want, while you pay in phases as the project progresses. Talk with us on what you want. 


Property Sales and Adverts

CheckinR's Property Sales and Adverts service is for people who have already built their properties prior to getting in touch with CheckinR, and are in need of selling their properties to find buyers on CheckinR's real estate marketplace. You can feature your property in our marketplace by tapping into our Property sales and Adverts Services.

To get your property listed on our marketplace, you first tell us what type of property you wish to sell and advertise with us. We will want to know if you are the original owner of the property or you are an agent of the seller. Secondly, we would want to know the size of the property, and your set price for it. We will also want to know the location of the property and how old the property is, from the date of its construction or initial development.

If your property has been put on sale on any other platform, we will charge a fee for you to list it on our marketplace. If your property has not be put on sale on any other platform, we will allow you to list on our platform for free. We will ask for documents of the property you want to sell, and will verify your identity and permission to sell the property. Lastly we will request for your contact details, property details and photos. Then your property will be listed for sale on our marketplace and you can pay for advertising credits for us to promote it to our site visitors. 

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