Take The First Step to Achieve Your Dream Home Ownership The EASIEST, SafesT AND FASTES​T​ Way, WITH ZERO Risk on Making It Happen

Are you checking the time to Check-in NOW? That's what you do with your wrist watch right? Truly, that's what you do with your new property finance credit card on checkinR. You check the time for achieving your dream property ownership through effective property finance planning!


CheckinR Advance Rent Payment Credit Card

Worry No More, CheckinR Innovation Profers Every Solution for Potential Home Owners

As a potential home owner, you're about being able to pay your rents always on time, pay up your apartment bills earlier to avoid facing possible evictions, avoid getting embarrased by your property manager or caretaker for delayed rent payment, and avoid losing the peace of mind, sanity and comfort you deserve where you would have lost, if you continued to worry that your shelter is not secure

Enjoy Your Journey to Becoming a Comfortable Home Owner

CheckinR allows you to flexibly make your home savings, by feeling free to pay any amount you can afford at any time (your own time, your choice) while your total budget from 120 monthly payments remain the same. You achieve your goal of making a total of 120 monthly payments on any plan you select and choose, designed to span 10 years of monthly home savings, even without being limited by the number of payment you can make monthly or in all.


Reach Your Destination of Moving Into Your Dream Home

Actualize your plan at the right time with CheckinR Property Finance Credit Card at ✋ hand and save for your dream home to stop paying rent here and there. Take advantage of the best plan option on CheckinR to help you own an affordable housing, using the different home savings payment plans on CheckinR.

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You're free to bend the plan to suit your pocket and means anytime

For example, you choose to own a $120,000 worth of home with a budget of 120 payments of $1000 monthly payment plan for your first home savings. Immediately after creating this account by choosing this plan, you're free to change the order of payments from sticking with $1000 monthly payment plan or 120 total installment for 10 years, to any order of payment that you find most convenient within the same timeframe. An instance would be to make 10 part payments of $100 every 3 days or in any order of number of days in a month. That's the freedom that makes you enjoy your journey to owning your dream home.

There are no rigid rules and no penalties for frequency defaults

Exercise your freedom in using every property finance product on checkinR. Another instance could be that you subscribe for a tenancy card to pay your apartment rent in advance with the new CARP credit card to be issued you in 6 months after your rent dues for your tenancy card are fully paid on CheckinR. You have 6 months to pay your dues with this tenancy card for advance rent payment, and completely paying the dues within the 6 months given would make you credit worthy for receiving your CARP Credit Card. But you don't have to stick with the monthly payment plan in the 6 months given for your dues to be completed. At one point, you may prefer to pay $100 only, and at another point you decide to pay $50, then again another point, you pay $25, and another $25 all in the same month, instead paying $200 all at once in the month. The flexibility puts you in control of your account balance like your regular checking account with your local bank.

No one decides how you fund your account for you to become credit worthy

You're free to fund your account whenever you want to top your tenancy card account balance to pay your dues on CheckinR. You pay your dues in any order by subscribing for any additional amount of tenancy card within any month and subsequently, until your 6 months installment plan is achieved with completed dues within the same 6 months.

Making only 6 part payments in your 6 months installment plan is Not necessary 

You can split your installment into smaller more convenient amounts and pay them in any order within 6 months. This way, your dues will be fully paid into your tenancy card account in 6 months, then you become credit worthy and qualify to receive your CheckinR Advance Rent Payment Credit Card within the next 6 months that follow immediately, if you have applied for your credit card already. 

Get Your CARP Credit Card In Your Hand

Get your CARP Credit Card and you begin to withdraw your advance rent payment with your new credit card. It's not fantasy, it's a dream come true. You begin to place request for advance rent credit after your first year of getting your card in your hand. You are then free to pay back the credit through a similar 6 months installment plan for your tenancy card dues payment on CheckinR. With your CARP Credit Card now in your hand, you are now ever in control of how and when you pay your rents, and you are free to decide how much of your dues you pay into your tenancy card account while repaying your advance rent payment credits in 6 months.

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