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    FDAD Managed Portfolio and Backend Financial Services

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  • Why FDAD Financials?

    Why FDAD Financials?

    FDAD Financials is where you find all the help you need to solve your financial problems intoto. We help you turn your ideas and connections into real transactions. We avail trade finance primarily through the emission of commercial letters of credit. If your own bank cannot help you, we act as broker to have your bank issue your trade finance instrument for your credit enhancement, as well as an SPV for raising $10M and above.

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FDAD Financials is your #1 financing broker that supports you all the way to seamlessly process your supply chain finance & project financing. Our free financial consulting service  guides you to meet all the requirements for getting your projects financed with ease. Get the trade and project finance you need with FDAD Financials - #1 trusted financial broker. We aid and enable funding of profitable international trading activities in and from Africa. With our help, you can access our special purpose vehicle for financing your projects above USD10M.

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Managed Portfolio

FDAD Financials Manages your financial portfolios with a unique investment, asset and wealth management strategy. We guarantee your profit for investment portfolios you commit to the care of our amiable management team. You set a portfolio in our care by simply investing with us through our copy trade system. This system lets us manage the invested funds transparently and pay you high Returns on Investment as at when due. Get Started With Our Managed Portfolios Now.

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Financial Services

We are your best professional support team to outsource your backend financial services to and get the best deal and high quality output. We are your trusted financial service team for outsourcing all your accounting services, financial modeling services, data management services, wealth management services and investor relations services, among others. We execute the projects at cost-effective rates and deliver highest quality results to foster long-term relationship with you.

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Investing With A Professional Asset Development Team has never been so easy

Hello Investor,



This is our official solicitation for your private investment and recommendation for possible public (government) sponsorship / investment in the FDAD Project. It is a project designed to give birth to a new legal entity to be incorporated as FrotBanks Assets Development Company.


This entity shall be incorporated with a CIC legal structure, after securing the minimum of Hundred Thousand USD ($100,000) Single Standard Lot  investment fund from its team of investors.


The financing of this project will be sourced from private investment, either from you, as one of the first individual stakeholders to declare interest in this project, or from those you refer to invest in it, with your endorsement. The project is such that is capable of refinancing itself after the initial investment is secured. 


By virtue of your good office, you are among the first individual prospective stakeholders to be granted private access to the details of the FDAD project to be presented here. 


As a matter of concern for the protection of our intellectual property (IP), through data security and classified information privacy, It is our sincere wish that this information you're privy of, immediately,  will not be shared with a third party, except strictly to gain their investment at this or at any other time in the future.


More so, these contents are not to be transferred, even after the project has been realized, but kept only as an insider strategy top secret, which you benefit access to, only as a prospective pioneer stakeholder. 


On the contrary, if, per chance, you don't find this private investment opportunity to be of interest to you, you're requested, humbly, to discard this information, immediately after perusal, by ensuring you ignore its solicitation, treat as trash and avoid making reference to it in any storage or retrieval system.


By virtue of your access to this information, you're requested to: either invite others or go over; to pledge your support on the platform, as you may want to go over to a have private share on the public pledging platform, do so at the click of the "Get Started" button via the site's link whenever you may find most convenient to get started here


For the purpose of being publicly acknowledged for helping our team, meeting the pledge milestones there, you'll be required to choose a membership tier there, to get listed among our project's stakeholders. On the contrary, a higher level of membership tier is possible outside the public pledging platform, if you decide to invest above $1000 and up to a single standard lot sum of $100,000, individually: to become a preference shareholder in the Project.

Find The Investors Offering Below


If you invest your fund in this project, then, rather than agreeing  to be paid a onetime refund of your principal (entirely), in only one year, plus 25% interest, you will be free to let your fund vest through a Five years period;  which is required to confer on you the status of an equity shareholder; for enjoying the benefits of 1% equity that will vest at 20% rate, annually, for every $100,000 invested, or o.oooo1% equity for every $1 invested through a five years graded vesting period. 


Note immediately that: There are only 10 slots for equity shareholders, who will invest an equal single standard lot sum of $100,000 funding each, and qualify to own 1% diluted equity share in the project, but on the condition that this is their preferred reward plan, after a five years vesting period.


That would mean that, as a 1% equity shareholder in the project, the status of a director will be conferred on you if you upgrade from 1 to 10 standard lots, and you will automatically upgrade from 1% equity share to earn your annual dividends of 10% share in the project's net profit every year, if you will only agree to allow your return on investment (ROI) to vest over a period of 5 years. Only 3 director slots each worth 10 standard lots are available for only 3 out of 10 equity shareholders.


The decision would be entirely yours to make, to use our public pledge platform to invest as a preference shareholder, if you would make your private investment there, by choosing a membership tier, and decide how you want to get rewarded your ROI: either as a refund of your full principal plus 25% interest, after 12 calendar months, or you may want to invest offline as 1% equity shareholder, for earning your ROI after a five years graded vesting period. 


Having explained this investment plan, you may request for the bank details if you're interested in becoming an equity shareholder, by using the contact form, otherwise you may click the "Get Started" button through the link to our project landing page hereto invest and become our preference shareholder.


Thanks, as we await your speedy response.




Francis Bestman Isugu


Senior Consultant


Founder, FrotBanks LLC.

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FrotBanks Corp. is the world's premier and most accessible supply chain management, supply chain finance, professional project management, portfolio management, and backend financial services company. It was  ingeniously conceived, developed and set up to solve problems in two subsectors of supply chain finance, and they are the real estate development sector and the futures and commodity trading sector. The latter encompasses industries such as agriculture, solid minerals, natural gas, petrochemical, and human resources. Its sole purpose is to contribute to the overall development of both local and international economies, for the betterment of the lives of those whose sustenance and livelihood depend on the continuous interactivity of the human and material resources needed for the proper functioning of all these interrelated industries. Its day-to-day transactions occur in a transparent industrial space where supply chain finance plays a major role in keeping public and private participants in the running of the industries, namely: sponsors, regulators, and operators, all, mutually or equally engaged, profitable.


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