FDAD Financial partners with platforms letting businesses raise capital contributed by accredited investors seeking to help you grow your company, unlike other sites that focus more on individual ideas. While there is no limit to the industry, typical companies that use this crowdfunding platform are technological or consumer businesses, and most business are seeking anywhere between $100,000 and $5 million dollars….

Frotbanks CFI

Project finance Perhaps you’re in search of business loans, or where to apply for business loans, or you want to find asset managers that are within reach, this is the right place for you, as well as for your investment mgt and capital management.    You don’t need to find another place for even investing in properties. The best money managers you can find are right here. FrotBanks distinguishes itself as the most original and best among wealth management companies, as it houses the best investment adviser, with top notch investment management competence.   You will have the opportunity to meet with Francis Bestman Isugu, the founder of FrotBanks (FDAD Financials), built for you to leverage his experience in wealth management and investment immediately after your screening by FrotBanks School of Independent Business Financing Education.

Frotbanks CTI

Trade finance Begin your journey of first experience with FrotBanks, by clicking the Start here blue button below to raise capital, invest and get credit once you complete the self scanner exercise that follows right after now. You equally find here a green opportunity to invest in real estate in a completely innovative way. Start now to experience all that’s in stock for you and for your satisfactory fund management than you can find elsewhere. Our Capital management services blend well with our capital raise solutions, complemented by our credit access innovative support system, all pieced together to make you find exactly what you are looking for in a very unique way. But wait a minute, don’t just take our word for it. Try us first. Meet Francis Bestman Isugu the founder of FrotBanks. He is the only investment professional you need to listen to right now. He is waiting to give you the ultimate piece of investment advice that will elicit meaning from your perplexing investment situation of stagnation right now. Don’t wait again for any reason in the world. Dare to move the world now than wait to be moved by situation. Get out of stagnation quickly. Meet Francis for your journey out of stagnation right now. Contact us and proceed to launch the Self-Scanner, inside, for your immediate access to Francis right now. See you inside. Welcome aboard.

Assets Development

We have built a platform for anyone to be a part of the developments we make possible through our team of opportunity creators, who hunt for new solutions to old problems, and give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the profit of commercializing the new solutions. Right here on our platform, you can set up your account to own a piece of our assets, as we do not always announce new assets or call for investment publicly, we only use the platform to report our new achievements with every new client, project, award or team member we have added to our profile. You can always find a place on our platform by choosing to join our team of solution creators. Key ASSETS Offering : Financial Technology (Fintech) and Financial Services Real Estate Development and Marketplace Supply Chain Management Technology and Financing Agriculture Development, Technology and Logistics Education Technology (EdTech) and Entertainment Oil and Gas, Power and Energy

Startup Securitization

Few words about Frotbanks (FDAD)   This is one startup with a divesting portfolio structure to accommodate multiple products development, spread across interest industries, from financial services, to Fintech (FSIL Payroll), Edtech (Macahsa), Entertainment (RealTeenz), Real Estate (CheckinR), and Agriculture (1CoXSCF).    Frotbanks LLC is built on a sustainable business model, and so there is no fear of liquidation at any point in its history. It has a stable growth projection to generate a consistent flow of subscribers and optimize its capitalization through a collaborative hub development and people-first strategy. Ultimately, it has a compelling promise to continue attracting new subscribers, and is certain of keeping its promises in time and in future, to satisfy all its subscribers and become the biggest startup of the 21st century, reaching $20 billion capitalization in a 20 years growth projection timeline, with or without securitization. This is our goal, and we can achieve it with your unceasing patronage. So, be part of this budding financial global behemoth and you will be glad you were part of it from its threshold. Subscribe and refer 100 new subscribers: to get this goal quickly achieved.